A Dinner for Mankind

Let us assume that we can invite any celebrity from any time as well. With this assumption, let me invite the following celebrities:

1. A celebrity who can motivate the souls of millions of people irrespective of their religions and their casts. I’d like to send my first invitation to Swami Vivekananda. He will tell me how to motivate and inspire people.

2. Although technology has reached its almost ultimate peak, still some common problems are left unsolved. Yes, the lives of common people can be improved more with technology rather than upgrading technology for the rich. I’d like to invite Nikola Tesla who is known for his awesome design concepts. I will definitely ask him to find a way to stop the glaciers from melting. He will help me get a pollution free world.

3. We express our humanity through social media, but very few of us express humanity through real-life. In this respect, I’d like to invite the schoolboy who shares his tiffin with old lady, who sits by the concrete bench for begging, everyday. I can tell others how to help others.

4. I would like to invite Kalpna Chawla who ignited the hearts of millions of women. Inspired them to flap their wings high into the sky. I can ask my sister, or rather all the women to get inspired by her, but not by that ‘My Choice’ Youtube video.

5. I would like to invite the bus conductor whom I meet everyday. She never sits. She helps old people stepping into the bus. She has a family too. She is not rich, but has a smile on her face always.  The real smile, not a selfie-smile. Her eyes tell she has lots of dream in her life. She is the best example of a person maintaining work-life balance. And yes, this is what every woman can do!

6. And finally I would like to invite my school teacher from whom I started learning alphabet, and now I am writing this blog.


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4 comments on “A Dinner for Mankind
  1. matheikal says:

    Good wishes and intentions. Wish you could mention actual names, real persons…

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